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Do you also want to spend less time in traffic and improve travel times? Or contribute to safer and cleaner traffic? You can test new and improved traffic and navigation services untill March 2021 if you regularly drive in the Copenhagen region. Sign up today!

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Smart traffic and navigation services for safe mobility and a liveable city

Daily traffic in Copenhagen is heavy, especially during rush hour, or locally in the case of big events. You can help to keep our city liveable by using new traffic information and navigation services. Imagine knowing, in advance, what the air pollution levels of certain areas in the city are at any given time, so you can choose your mode of transport accordingly. With this new service, you will receive this and much more information about traffic in the city before you even leave your home.
The service offers you route recommendations that build upon a multitude of real-time measurements, such as level of emissions, traffic volumes, traffic speed and travel times, for multiple modes of transport. If one of the defined thresholds for a specific zone is exceeded, you will receive a recommendation to avoid this zone and the best alternative route to reach your destination quickly and safely.
Contribute to the city’s liveability and mobility values by testing these new navigation services.

Start: October 2020

Smart driving and parking to event locations

Drive comfortable and with less delay to your event location. We provide you with the optimal route, from home to parkingplace! We take into account actual traffic state, your origin-destination and availability of parkingplaces in the surroundings of the event location.

Start: Postponed because of big events not taking place (due to COVID-19 pandemic measures)