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Do you also want to spend less time in traffic and improve travel times? Or contribute to safer and cleaner traffic? Then sign up today and test new and improved traffic and navigation services in the Amsterdam region.

Three different services will become available. These are suitable for regular visitors (commuting, residents) and incidental visitors (events) of the Amsterdam region. Also, there is an information service especially for truck drivers with information about environmental zones.

Choose your service provider below. On the website of the provider you can read more about the possible requirements (on your telephone).

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Do you want to participate, but do you (hardly) never drive in Amsterdam? Services are also being tested in Antwerp, Copenhagen and Munich.

What services can you test?

Information on environmental zones for  truckdrivers 

This service is especially for truck drivers. It offers information on environmental zones, so you can avoid the area if necessary and avoid fines. As from 2020 the service will possibly also offer you a re-routing advice. Also, in the course of 2020, the service will sent you a message when the dynamic environmental zone in Amsterdam south- east (near RAI) is active, because of heavy traffic or if the standard route is not accessible. You contribute to the environment in the city and avoid fines, and we keep you moving!

Start: December 2019


Smart driving and parking to event locations

Drive comfortable and with less delay to your event location. We provide you with the optimal route, from home to parkingplace! We take into account actual traffic state, your origin-destination and availability of parkingplaces in the surroundings of the event location.

Start: February 2019




Pro-active navigation advice in case of expected traffic jams 

When you use this service you will be offered alternative routes with a more reliable travel time, in case traffic jams are expected on your route. To do so we ‘predict’ traffic jams and their impact 15 or 30 minutes upfront. By accepting an alternative route with a few minutes delay, you probably avoid getting into a traffic jam with much more delay on your current route . And also, by accepting the reliable alternative you help reduce the impact of the predicted traffic jam on the other route. So, when using this service you do not only spend less time in traffic yourself, but also contribute to reducing traffic jams on the regional network.

Start: December 2019

Improved information in case of road works

Ever experienced inaccurate information on road works while you drive? Or got an inaccurate navigation advice as a result? Ever wondered if we can do better than that? Yes, we can! As a part of this project we improve the quality of road works information by fusing data from different partners and add and validate the info with your feedback and Floating Car Data (FCD). The improved data flow is evaluated by the service providers and possibly applied in their existing products. So you do not have to sign up for this service.

Start: December 2019